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St John’s Wort

Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine - Oregon Grape

St John’s Wort has naturalized in the UK and is widely found throughout Britain, Europe and Asia. It can be found on roadsides, banks, and hedges, open, dry places and prefers chalky soil. It flowers in summer to early autumn.

Lime Flower

Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine - Lime Flower

Found in Northern Temperate Zone, especially the British Isles. The flowers from this lime tree, also known as Linden flowers are collected in June for use as herbal medicine. I love the tea made with the fresh flowers, they have a wonderful delicate taste of honey that is lost when dried. They should be gathered as soon as they flower on a dry day a dried carefully in the shade so as not to lose the essential oils.

Lily of the Valley

Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine - Lily of the Valley

My first encounter with this queen of Lilies was also one of my first memories. My grandmother, Alice was a keen gardener, a skill that was kindled during the harsh days of the war, and one that remained with her for her whole life. Her house in Arundel had a garden that was brimming with flowers, fruits and vegetables. There was one spot, along the side of the house, an alleyway, flanked by the high walls of two houses, always draughty, cool and with very little sunshine, but at this time of year it was my favourite spot in the whole of Arundel.

Stinging Nettle

Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine - Stinging Nettle

It is because of plants such as the noble stinging nettle that I have great pride in my art as a Western Medical Herbalist! The nettle is so common that it is taken for granted and even regarded as a pest to be cleared, destroyed and controlled. At best it is put on the compost heap or made into a natural liquid fertilizer, but this overlooked plant is a powerhouse for healing.


Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine - Bearberry

This month’s herb is little known to most people in England; although still native to the UK, it is found in the Northern latitudes and high mountains of Europe, Asia and America. In the British isles it is common in Scotland, on heaths and barren places in hilly districts, especially in the highlands and can be found as far south as Yorkshire and on the hills of the north-west of Ireland.

Couch Grass

Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine - Couch Grass

February is the month to collect the rhizomes for couch grass. Being a gardener I know this plant can be a real pest, difficult to clear and doesn’t have much of a place in anyone’s garden! Being a Herbalist, I love it! I have a special place my garden where I let it grow to its little heart’s content not just for collecting but also out of respect for this great plant healer.


Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine - Periwinkle

This winter has been unusually mild so far and nature is confused, I have seen fields of Daffodils, Primroses in hedges and many other spring plants popping up in December! The Periwinkle is one plant that I am never surprised to see, its cheeky little blue face sneaks into any season. I find it in the frosts of winter and the drought of summer, somehow it is always there, not always in abundance but constant.

Pine Tree

Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine - Pine Tree

It has been a year since my first herbal blog last December and my herbal year has come full circle, once again celebrating the festive season. This December I have chosen the noble pine tree of which there are many species. The Pines, being evergreen trees are pillars of green in the woods and hedgerow, the only colour in the dullness of winter, reminding us of the green that will return in all its glory in the spring.

Horse Chestnut

Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine - Horse Chestnut

While scrunching through the dry colourful tapestry of autumn leaves in November, there are treasures to be found under the horse chestnut tree. I like to prize them from their spiny pods while they are still new to the day. These beautiful, shiny, rich ruddy brown conkers still bring me joy when I find them fresh, as they did when I was small, as they still do and have done, for millions of children and adults alike across continents.


Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine - Elder

With its flat toped mass of creamy-white delicately fragrant flowers which are followed by large, drooping, purplish-red, shiny, juicy and generously abundant berries. Elder is a familiar plant which plays a large part in the make up of the typical British countryside. This is a common herb and well known to most people. It is found in hedgerows, woods, coppices and waste places throughout England, Ireland and the whole of central and southern Europe.

Roots To Health - Herbal Medicine

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